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Get your daily dose of God's Word through today's devotion, and use the prayer to start your heart-to-heart talk with your Savior.  Check out the Faith Q&A for Biblical answers to questions of faith and practice or general information about WELS; it's like an online Bible Class with answers from trained theologians.
Today's Devotion
» Eat What is Good – August 23, 2017
Have you ever walked through a busy marketplace...
Faith Related Q and A
» Many times as I am riding my motorcycle through the countryside, I talk to God and thank him for the beauty of his wonderful creation: the beautiful blue skies, the majestic clouds, the rolling landscapes, the green crops in the fields, and even the wonderful smells in the fresh air of the countryside. These are little things that are often overlooked when traveling by four wheels, and I thank God for them as I am riding on my motorcycle. Is it okay to talk/pray to God in this manner or should our prayers and conversations with God be more formal with our heads bowed, eyes closed and our hands folded? Thank you.
» My question is more of a concern, I guess. In the last six years or so a lot of things have happened in my marriage as well as losing a parent I helped care for. I have fallen away from church. I used to feel a draw to God, but lately I don't feel a whole lot. My husband is handicapped and real negative about things. My Mom and the rest of my family fell apart when Dad died. It was like he was the glue that kept everything together. My question is: I am scared that maybe God has given up on me because of the negative path I have been following. I get angry so easily and just don't want to do much anymore. I am seeing a doctor for depression. But I am more concerned with my relationship with God. I want to make him happy and live my life for him, but life just seems to keep getting in the way of that. Help me if you can. Thanks.
» Does the Lutheran Church have a position on "private revelations?" I am thinking of Lourdes, Fatima, etc., in Roman Catholicism. As I understand from researching various websites, even when the Roman Catholic Church "approves" an occurrence, it only means it (the revelation or event) contains nothing contrary to the faith. But no one is required to believe the particulars of the occurrence. Does the Lutheran Church hold out the possibility of any private revelations or have any process for investigating?
» What happens to the body and soul when a person dies?
» Lunar and solar eclipses - do they have anything to do with the Christian faith, as some Southern Baptists are telling people?
» What can I say to younger children about transgender issues?
» The way King Saul's life ended, do you think he was saved? After all, he was God's anointed even though he turned against God's will.
» Our WELS church is in the beginning stages of considering calling a second pastor. Are there any general guidelines as to when such an event is advisable: such as size of the congregation or some other criteria?
» I have been discussing religion with one of my coworkers a lot lately. He is the son of a Baptist pastor and is very knowledgeable. Today we got on the topic of what is different with our religions and there were a lot more than I originally thought. The four I really noticed were Baptism, the Lord's Supper, forgiveness, and fellowship. What are verses that I can use to show that Baptism creates faith, gives us forgiveness and salvation, and more importantly is not something that we do for God, but something God does for us? Also the same with the Lord's Supper: we get forgiveness of sins and salvation from it, but I believe the issue with this would be tied to the fact that we believe that the wine is both wine and blood and the bread is both bread and Jesus' body. What are some passages for this as well? He also said that only God can forgive. I don't know how to even address this topic with him, but I know it will come up. And the final one is where do we find the OK to have the rules we have about fellowship without looking like we are better than other Christians? I just would like to be prepared for my discussion with my coworker and I'm glad to do it. I just need some extra help. Thank you very much for your help!
» I have been a WELS member my whole life. I am having issues with my church at the moment. If I have a problem, I am supposed to talk to that person, according to Mathew 18. Hard as it is, I would like to talk to my pastor, but he and the church council are involved in the problem. Who do I seek counsel with? I am lost. I don't know what to do. I believe they have lied and been sneaky to do things their way. I don't even know if I can talk to my pastor in a calm manner. I am truly saddened. I type these words with a heavy heart. What do I do?
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