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Starting Point Growing in Hope



“Who am I and why am I here?”  “From where did I come?” “Where am I going after I die?”  Those questions (and others like them) nag at every one of us at some point.  We want – yes, we need – answers.

Good news!  God wants you and me to know the answers! In fact, He’s given us the answers in written form, in the Bible.

Because of that, we regularly offer Bible Instruction Classes, and I’m about to start a new session.  I’m inviting you to be a part of this class.

What’s a Bible Instruction Class?  It’s a 16-session, basics-of-the-Bible class, with each session lasting about 75 minutes.  The Bible itself is the textbook, and I’ll provide you with a study guide.  Through it, you’ll gain a much deeper grasp of the main message of Scripture, that God loved you enough to save you!  You’ll also learn to read (and understand!) the Bible on your own.  And, you’ll see the answers to those questions, as well as many others.  Here are the particulars.

When?   Tuesdays at 7 pm starting October 23rd

Where?  At Good Shepherd’s facility at 4776 Mountain Rd. in Cheyenne, about 2 blocks north of Dell Range.

Is child care available?  Yes!  If you’d like, we’ll provide free child care at the church during the class.

What do I wear?  Please dress however you’d like!  I prefer a somewhat casual attire, so feel free to wear jeans and a t-shirt, etc.  Whatever is comfortable for you will be fine.

What do I bring?  Just a pen or pencil.  I’ll provide a study guide and a Bible which will be yours to keep.  (I provide Bibles so we can find sections by looking up page numbers.)  If you want to bring a soda or tea or something else to sip during class, that’s fine too.

Will we meet every week?  We’ll try to meet each week, but will probably miss some.  I’m flexible.  If you have to miss a session, we can make that up at your convenience.

If I take the class, do I have to become a member of Good Shepherd?  No, you don’t.  When the class is over you may want to join, but you don’t have to.

I’m interested, but I’m not sure!  Come for the first couple sessions and check it out!

Perhaps you’ve visited us for worship in our facility; this is a great way to find out what we teach.  I would love to have you as part of this class.  Please come!  You’ll never regret it!  If you have any questions, please call me at 635-2257 or 218-766-0400.  See you there!

Yours, Aaron Nitz